Riemann hypothesis likely remains unsolved despite claimed proof

One of the most famous unsolved problems in mathematics likely remains unsolved. At a hotly-anticipated talk at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum today, retired mathematician Michael Atiyah delivered what he claimed was a proof of the Riemann hypothesis, a challenge that has eluded his peers for nearly 160 years. “Solve the Riemann hypothesis and you become […]

Math Prize for Girls competition helps to close the gender gap in mathematics

MIT hosts the 10th annual contest encouraging STEM careers for female middle and high school students. When Glenn Ellison coached his daughters’ all-girl math team all the way to the state finals, he noticed that his team was vastly outnumbered by boys. Ellison, the Gregory K. Palm (1970) Professor of Economics at MIT, turned his […]

Vladimir Voevodsky, Revolutionary Mathematician, Dies at 51

Vladimir Voevodsky, formerly a gifted but restless student who flunked out of college out of boredom before emerging as one of the most brilliant and revolutionary mathematicians of his generation, died on Sept. 30 at his home in Princeton, N.J. He was 51. Nadia Shalaby, his former wife, said he was found dead in his […]

Mathematics predicts a sixth mass extinction

By 2100, oceans may hold enough carbon to launch mass extermination of species in future millennia. In the past 540 million years, the Earth has endured five mass extinction events, each involving processes that upended the normal cycling of carbon through the atmosphere and oceans. These globally fatal perturbations in carbon each unfolded over thousands […]

Mathematics professor emeritus honored in new book

The life and professional accomplishments of a UNM professor emeritus are being recorded in a new book – set to release just in time for his 90th birthday. Reuben Hersh has dedicated the last 53 years of his career to the University of New Mexico as a math professor. In particular, his research and writings […]

Professor expands math circles project to more Native Americans

A two-year, $300,000 grant from the National Science Foundation will help a Kansas State University mathematics professor expand his Navajo Nation Math Circles project to more Navajo Nation communities and serve various tribes in Washington state. The grant to David Auckly is through the NSF INCLUDES project, which is aimed at enhancing U.S. leadership in […]

Mathematics professor wins $88,000 grant from NIST

Mili Shah, Ph.D., associate professor of mathematics, has been awarded a cooperative agreement from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The $88,508 award will allow Shah to continue research for her ongoing project, “Using Mathematics to Aid in the Evaluation, Calibration, and Analysis of Industrial Mobile Systems.” Shah’s research examines how robots are […]

Insight into brain’s complexity revealed thanks to new applications of mathematics

The lack of a formal link between neural network structure and its emergent function has hampered our understanding of how the brain processes information. The discovery of a mathematical framework to describe the emergent behaviour of the network in terms of its underlying structure comes one step closer. A new approach to neuroscience based on […]

Singapore schools to introduce e-learning portal from 2018

SINGAPORE: Students in Singapore will be able to access an online learning portal starting next year, the Ministry of Education (MOE) announced in a press release on Wednesday (Aug 16). The basic functions of the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) are currently being piloted at 62 primary and secondary schools, and the portal will be […]